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Brad and Tonya are originally from Colorado and moved to beautiful Saint George, Utah in 2008.  They have been married for 33 years and have 2 grown children.  They have always worked side by side in one capacity or another and make a great team. 

Brad who is an veteran of the United States Army brings us over 43 years of business experience to  He specializes in auctions, financial coaching, handyman services and property management of residential properties.  He has also been involved in the automotive industry for 10 plus years.

Tonya who is an excellent domestic engineer but also a former utility billing manager and office manager brings us over 33 years of business experience to  She specializes in office related duties and is a huge asset for any type business.  She is not scared to get her hands dirty and very patient with Brad when he calls upon her for assistance.
Brad & Tonya Statler
Brad & Tonya Picture.jpg
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